Looking Back: Internet

Okay. SO It’s been a while since I last blogged. I have to admit, I started to convince myself that I was done with Fun.Fit.Foodie…I claimed that I didn’t have time and I ran out of things to write about…ALL LIES. The truth is I really miss writing my “daily dish”, and I need to start making the time to blog because my sticky note list of blog post ideas just keeps getting longer.

I have many many New Years Resolutions, but one of them is to keep up with my blog writing and hopefully write at least one or two posts per week 🙂 🙂

For Media Monday I am sharing this video. I saw it last week and I just find it so astonishing…we quickly forget how fast technology evolves. It looks like we have come a LONG LONG way in the last 18 years…you think Katie and Bryant could have predicted our (more than acceptable) use of @ and # today?

what is the internet anyway


Happy New Year! So much more to come on Fun.Fit.Foodie in 2013!


Save Your Fingers (Forks/Spoons)

Heres the thing with Camp Pinecliffe: There are many many common bonds and memories between the different generations of campers, be it the songs, the Mainbunk, the endurance test…but the strongest traditions probably revolve around the food. Turkey dinner, pizza night with soda cap bracelets, Brookside, the Gazebo, lobster, cookouts, sugar and butter, peanut butter, corn night, milk and cookies…I mean really the list goes on and on and on.

Honestly, it’s probably a miracle that my parents sent my sisters and I away and each summer when we came back our clothes were even baggier on us than when we left. (I guess as active 8 year olds anything is possible. We have Landsports and Crystal Lake to thank for that).

This weekend was obviously no different.  We packed the car on Friday and made sure that the NY Trash was conveniently placed for easy access. By the way, thank you, Mom, for supplying the entire camp with enough NY Trash for 95 years!! Before we even arrived at camp, we had to stop for lobster and Brookside. Thanks to the girls at Brookside, we had the most incredible (and by the way, mayo-free) lobster roll at Ken’s Cove. I have to admit, we stopped at The Lobster Pound first, but they weren’t serving food that early in the day. The lobster roll from Ken’s was refreshing and delicious.

The logical next choice was, of course, Brookside. Although Brookside no longer has Moose Tracks or Gifford’s ice cream, I’m certain that everyone was enjoying the coffee heath bar and Maine Survivor flavors. Years later, and we were happy to hear that the Pinecliffe campers haven’t changed…we all still ask 47029347207 questions about the different flavors. AND Julie finally learned why our favorite ice cream placed is named Brookside!

Once at camp the eating obviously didn’t stop. We had turkey dinner, lobster, corn, sticky buns, milk and cookies, and of course…more Brookside. With each meal, as we recounted our many Pinecliffe memories, the laughing never stopped. These meals and the associated Pinecliffe traditions confirm that food brings people together (maybe not in these excess amounts…). You might not be able to make artwork with your corn cobs, or feast on Angelo’s cookies in Mainbunk as you watch every single Camp Pinecliffe video…but if you do ever find yourself in or around 04040 make sure to make your way to Ken’s and Brookside. And in the meantime, enjoy good food with the people you love!


Fun.Fit.Foodie is back, and this week I am dedicating everyday to my favorite place in the world, Camp Pinecliffe! I spent the last three days in Harrison, Maine reminiscing and reliving the seven summers I spent in 04040. Everyone at camp quickly reverted back to their 9-year-old selves and was reminded that over the last 95 years, Pinecliffe has been the foundation for life long friendships. This weekend we celebrated by swimming in Crystal Lake (yes, even I went swimming), singing around the campfire, running on the Pinepath, and of course sitting on the Mainbunk chairs.

I could spend this Media Monday going on a rant about the fact that Facebook switched me to timeline…but, instead, im sharing these videos. THANKS SUZANNE AND HANNAH!

stay tuned for Tasty Tuesday CP style

Neon Cake

Last Thursday was my best friends birthday so I obviously had to bake something exciting. I scrolled through my Pinterest, but I ultimately settled with making an absurdly large and ridiculously bright birthday cake. Side note: I also made a batch of pretzel and nutella brownies because you can’t just take a slice out of a cake to try it, and I knew if I baked everyone would want to snack on something sweet.

My college kitchen was not outfitted with the baking tools to make anything elaborate so I managed to make this cake very simple. I used boxed cake mixes (2 boxes of white vanilla cake mix), vanilla frosting (3 containers), neon food coloring, and lots of candy.  Here are some pictures of the cake! Thanks to Brittany and Adina for helping me and a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAYLEY!!

Back to Blogging: Pep Talk Mom

Okay Okay. I am sorry. Really really sorry. I vanished from the blogging world with no forewarning, and I have no excuses. But I promise promise promise I am back. I spent the last two weeks soaking up every last second of college. I reminisced, relaxed, embraced Cornell, and lived the college life for one last time.  I graduated on Sunday and have officially entered what is referred to as the “real world”. My graduation speaker kindly pointed out that the real world I am about to embark on is (un)fortunately not the same real world I used to watch on MTV. So…I guess I’m ready for what’s coming…

In an effort to catch my readers up on everything that I have failed to report on, I am going to refrain from writing my “daily dirt” for a few days. Today, instead of Tasty Tuesday, I am sharing something that I have been waiting to write about for several weeks: Pep Talk Mom.

As most of you know, just about two years ago I took my first SoulCycle class. Over the last two years I have taken numerous classes with the many incredible instructors, but week after week I always always return to Melanie’s class (and most often with my mom!). Yes, I go to SoulCycle for a workout, but more importantly, I go to experience and feel that encouragement, motivation, and inspiration that I receive day after day from the SoulCycle community. Whether it be in NYC or Scarsdale, Melanie’s class gives meaning to every day. Not only has Melanie motivated me in the studio, but she has also inspired me, and many others, to live a life full of strength without fear. Melanie is living proof that we don’t know how strong we are until we push (or find) ourselves out of our comfort zone and need to challenge ourselves to be stronger.

Most recently Melanie created a Youtube Channel, Pep Talk Mom. My love and interest in the Pep Talk Mom videos was instant!

Today’s blog conveys wisdom and life lessons in regards to strength, health, resilience, and confidence (and all in regards to motherhood!) and illustrates Melanie’s strength of character. I spoke with Melanie regarding her inspiration for Pep Talk Mom and the driving force behind the creation of her YouTube Channel. I am going leave you to watch, read, and discover why I can’t get enough of Melanie. I guarantee that you will agree that she is pure inspiration!


“its funny how life is sometimes.  what people connect to. how words can lift up a community. or touch someone who is miles away. last year when i found out i had to go through a summer of chemotherapy, i decided to start writing a blog. a way to keep people updated on my treatment and prognosis. quickly it became something more for me. a release through words. a connection. therapy. and sitting here about to go see my oncologist for a check up, its wild to see what has changed over the last year. how clear i am that life is lived NOW. that if we put it out there, it will come back to us. that if we are what we need, then we know that everything we need, we already have.pep talk mom is a new adventure for me. a way to connect with other mom’s, other people who are trying to be the best version of themselves. words of wisdom. life lessons. life is lived one step at a time, one choice at a time. and i believe in the beauty of living each day, each moment. i believe that i shine if you shine. i believe that faith trumps fear.”

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