Times a Changin’

I need to start by stating that this post was supposed to focus on getting the red carpet body that every star flaunted at the Academy Awards on Sunday. I was all prepared to give you some insight into getting your legs to look like Angelina’s, your stomach to look like Gwyneth’s, and your arms to look like Viola’s without the 30 day juice cleanse that they all succumb to (I do love a good juice cleanse, don’t get me wrong). Unfortunately for you, something more important happened between planning for that post and actually posting it, so you won’t be hearing my advice for a red carpet body.


If you asked me 20 months ago if I would be blogging about fitness I would have laughed, and I would have laughed even harder if you told me that the fitness blog would include entries about me teaching spin classes. Well I guess I need to stop laughing because here goes…

Let me rewind to May 2010 when I joined Weight Watchers. It started with changing my diet and consistently conquering the gym. It was in July 2010, when my friend (Hey Jen) was visiting me from Florida, when I decided I needed to enter the group fitness arena. So on July 4th I attended my first SoulCycle class. Jen and I figured that a class in the early morning on July 4th would be empty. Well, if you have ever been to a SoulCycle class, you are either laughing or rolling your eyes right now, because you know better than to think a class is ever empty! However, I soon learned that every class has at least one new rider. That day I could not even figure out how to stand out of the saddle, let alone tap-back or unclip my shoes at the end of the class. But that didn’t matter, we had fun! Like really, who has fun working out (I don’t care if you feel better after, at some point before the workout you dread it). The next week I brought my sister (Hey Big-J) to try a SoulCycle class, and I haven’t stopped bringing friends since. We have all drowned in the SoulCycle kool-aid.

This is my first SoulCycle email confirmation (took a lot of digging around for this one):

Obviously at school in central New York I don’t have SoulCycle or any comparable gym class. So recently I found a solution to getting that workout I miss, crave, and need. I became a certified Spinning instructor.  I am now teaching regularly at a cycling studio in Ithaca, New York. The only thing better than riding, is riding as an instructor. I am having so much fun with it!

Lets fast forward to last night (aka the real reason for this blog post). I walked into the studio to teach my weekly 5:30pm class and in walks my best friend (Hey Hayley) with my mom right behind her! Yup, my mom drove 4 hours to take my class (that’s just “slightly” longer than to SoulCycle Scarsdale)! (Sidenote: my mom was one of my victims who I got addicted to spin). She told me she was experiencing the same nervous feeling she did before my older sister’s (Hey Bloug) wedding: she knew it would be great but she just could not wait. She sat front and center last night as I screamed at her to go faster and crank up the resistance. I guess there comes a time and place when it’s appropriate and acceptable to yell at your parents. It was the first time she took my class, and I can only imagine what was going through her mind as she watched me teach FITNESS. 20 months later, 100lbs lighter, this is what she is watching me do! I said I would be laughing 20 months ago if you told me this; I think she would have asked if you had the wrong mother or the wrong Abby. The world of fitness and Weight Watchers has impacted my life over the past 2 years. Spinning has played an enormous role in that. I was so elated to be able to share my class last night with my mom, and I know she felt more proud than ever. As my sister said, “I think you are officially mom’s favorite.”

To my readers (who don’t care about my spin class or my mom surprising me): take this as an opportunity to try something new in the fitness world. Something that you have been thinking about trying but have used every excuse in the world and managed not to try it yet. Maybe in 2 years you’ll be teaching it (don’t laugh, I was clearly wrong)


7 thoughts on “Times a Changin’

  1. Abby I’m so proud of you, you look amazing. A spin instructor I would have never have guessed. Hopefully one day we can catch up once again.

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