The Missing Piece

Caution: Nerd Alert

I need to start by clarifying the term thingamajig. Thanks to Merriam Webster for the (not so) detailed and comprehensive definition: “something that is hard to classify or whose name is unknown or forgotten”

In the future, on a typical Thingamajig Thursday, I will tell you about a new product or gadget that I am currently obsessed with; however, in honor of our inaugural Thingamajig Thursday I am going to introduce you to the epitome of thingamajigs.

I had the exact same reaction when I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest: I am an Apple product hoarder, and therefore, I need this now. I could not believe someone, somewhere finally made what every single Apple junkie has needed since Apple decided to make more than one version of the iPod back in like 2002. Here is a dock that simultaneously holds every Apple gadget that clutters my desk, drawers, and car.

Okay…Well I hate to disappoint, but I didn’t call this post “The Missing Piece” just because I loved the Shel Silverstein book when I was a kid. This amazing docking station doesn’t charge your devices or connect them to your computer. It JUST HOLDS your devices all in one stand made of plastic, birch, and plywood.  Like I said, it is a thingamajig: difficult to classify and unnamed. Don’t get me wrong, the product is still a great organizational device, and if you want to get one I am sure Andrew can help; however, what is the point of organizing all my gadgets into one place if I still need a charger and cord for each product.

If someone reading this blog wants to create this exact same thingamajig with the added ability to charge my products I, along with every other consumer out there, would greatly appreciate it.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you at the beginning: I can be a nerd.


2 thoughts on “The Missing Piece

  1. Amazing. The Missing Piece, one of my favorite books to read to my 3 daughters at a time when they could’t read themselves or even imagine what amazing products would be available to them in their lifetime. Kudos to you on starting my Thursday off looking for the next important thingamajig

  2. In the wise words of the ultimate housewife herself, Ms. Taylor Armstrong, Abby Kohn “has finally found her voice, and is not afraid to use it”! Mazel! Mazel! I loved this post

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