S.E.A.K. Foundation

It is not everyday that I post twice to this blog, but the S.E.A.K Foundation warrants a special second post for Free for all Fridays.

S.E.A.K, an acronym for Strive Embrace Achieve Know, is a nonprofit organization focusing on empowering individuals who suffer with eating disorders, struggle with their body image, and experience a lack of self- esteem and confidence. S.E.A.K strives to provide support through educational and fitness events.

S.E.A.K is hosting The Sports Bra Challenge event on May 17th, 2012 during Women’s Health Week. This nationwide event encourages people to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their skin by challenging people to do something out of their comfort zone.

Through after school programs, educational events, and events like the Sports Bra Challenge S.E.A.K is helping people nationwide conquer their insecurities and find their confidence, strength, health, and happiness.

You can check out my story on the S.E.A.K blog, Reveal Yourself.

S.E.A.K Website

S.E.A.K on Facebook

S.E.A.K on Twitter

Sports Bra Challenge on Facebook


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