Looking Back: Recognizing Ellen

I’ll admit it: I have the television taste of a middle-aged woman. I watch Food Network, HGTV, and every single talk show that my DVR can possibly handle. You name the daytime show and I can almost guarantee (unless it’s a soap opera) that I have been tuning in for far longer than the average college student.  My love and appreciation for YouTube videos is all thanks Ellen DeGeneres. So to honor and thank Ellen, I am dedicating this Media Monday to her, to the videos that continue to make me laugh, and to the YouTube sensations she’s created.

I’m Gonna Kick His Ask

Charlie Bit My Finger

The Talking Twin Babies, Translated

Ellen Scares Taylor Swift

And…my favorite two people in the world: Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Sophia Grace and Rosie take on Disney

Watch all their Ellen Show appearances

By the way…if you haven’t read Ellen’s book yet I am giving you permission to TEMPORARILY stop reading my blog while you read her book. Ellen’s book is significantly more entertaining than any blog I will ever write. NOW GO! READ IT!

Do you have a favorite YouTube video or Ellen moment? Leave it in the comments.


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