Motivation: Wordy Wednesday

With the temperatures (finally) dropping we all need that extra push to get ourselves to the gym. So this Workout Wednesday is all about motivation. I personally love workout mantras (yes, I can be a serious cheeseball).

I am always on the search for the perfect workout mantra for a Go Sport ID. If you are a runner (or any type of athlete) you should 100% look into getting a Go Sport ID. I learned about them through The Biggest Loser Season 11 contestants: Olivia Ward (winner) and her sister Hannah Curley (runner-up).

Go Sport ID is a customizable bracelet with the information a first responder might need (your name, an emergency contact, allergies, ect…). The band can also be customized with words of encouragement that drive you to reach and exceed your goals: your personal mantra.

These are some of my favorite mantras (motivating and funny!):

Do you have a favorite mantra that motivates you to get to the gym or push yourself harder?


4 thoughts on “Motivation: Wordy Wednesday

  1. Will definitely be working out today. How can I print the words of wisdom you posted so it can have a prominent place on the “frig”????

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