The Wonderful World of Vending

The days of getting a soda can or a bag of potato chips from a vending machine are long gone. To keep up with changing and growing food trends vending machines have gotten a serious upgrade and now dispense practically anything and everything you could imagine.

I can’t deny my mission to find one of these (new) Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machines. Two years ago my marketing class had a 30-minute in-depth discussion about these new machines, and I have yet to find one (Mom and Dad, I promise I have learned more in my other classes)! These Coca-Cola machines are capable of mixing over 125 different soda and flavor combinations. Customers choose a base, and from there customize their own drink with the different flavor options. Coca-Cola can be mixed with vanilla, lime, raspberry, cherry, and orange flavorings. Sprite can be combined with cherry, vanilla, strawberry, grape, peach, and raspberry flavorings. Barg’s root beer, Dr. Pepper, Powerade, Fanta, and Minute Maid products are also available in the machines and can be customized with additional flavors. Honestly, I am not the most frequent soda drinker; therefore, the most exciting option for me is the still and carbonated Dasani water that can be flavored with any fruit flavor imaginable! So I would greatly appreciate if one of my amazing readers could give me some insight into where I can find one of these Freestyle machines. I would like to test out my talents and come up with a delicious concoction.

I could go on and on about the Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine, but the real reason I am dedicating an entire Thingamajig Thursday to vending machines is because my roommate (Hey Ricki) was pinning away on Pinterest and stumbled across the most incredible and delicious vending machine I have ever seen before. Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery has a 24-hour cupcake vending machine! Yes, that’s cupcakes 24 hours a day!! Eater LA announced this unbelievable creation last week. The machine dispenses a variety of freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, Sprinkles apparel, and canine friendly cupcake treats! Sprinkles currently only has one of these machines, and it is located at the Beverly Hill’s store; however, its popularity is sure to prompt an expansion (New York City NEXT PLEASE)!

During my sophomore year of college I discovered the apple (actual apples not the technological devices) vending machine with my friend (Hey Dave) when we decided to venture out of Statler High (Hey Hotelies). This machine dispensed apples fresh from the Cornell Orchards and provided detailed descriptions of the different varieties. I thought this machine was hands down the coolest vending machine I had ever seen.

Either I was living in a bubble (likely) or a lot of yummy and delicious progress has been made over the past 2 years (clearly, duh). Vending machines are not just limited to food anymore either. I have seen DVDs, travel necessities, and gadgets dispense from these modern day machines. So as Doritos, soda cans, and apple vending machines become things of the past, so do the days of banging on plexiglass.

If you could get one thing from a vending machine, what would it be?

If you could use the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine what would you create?


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