Doing it Myself: Decorative Accessories

Give me paint and a canvas and expect nothing more than scribbles; however, give me ribbon and a hot glue gun, and I am pretty sure I could decorate an entire house (just ask Tapfar, Mim, or Abby). I am artistically challenged but craft obsessed!

Last year when I moved into an apartment I could not wait to decorate and entertain myself with DIY projects. I made these storage boxes and matching ribbon board for my room. The boxes are practical, and the bulletin board adds to the bare wall that, as a renter, I can’t do anything to.

Storage Boxes:

You can purchase boxes at any art supply store. I actually got mine at a stationary store during a summer sidewalk sale. The color and pattern on the boxes won’t matter because you are going to cover the boxes with fabric; just get whichever boxes are the right size and price. The only other materials you will need are fabric, ribbon, spray glue, and a hot glue gun.

Begin by wrapping each box with the fabric, the tops separate from the bottoms. Wrap each box like a present using the spray glue to secure the fabric to the box. Next, wrap a band of ribbon around each box. Make sure to line up the ribbon on the lid with the ribbon on the bottom portion of the box. Use the hot glue to stick the ribbon to the fabric. Lastly, tie individual bows for each box, and hot glue them to the ribbon bands.

Ribbon Board:

When I first came to college and insisted that my dorm room look like a page out of a Pottery Barn catalog my favorite person (hiiiiiii Lera!!!!) taught me how to make a ribbon board.

The first ribbon board I ever made in my dorm freshman year:

You need a bulletin board, enough fabric and felt to wrap around the front of the board, ribbon or decorative trim, decorative thumb tacs, and a hot glue gun.

Begin by wrapping the felt around the front of the board and fastening it to the back to create a cushion on top of the cork material. If you have a fabric stapler you can use it to secure the felt, but a hot glue gun will work just as well. Once the felt is secure you can wrap the fabric over the felt and secure it to the back of the bulletin board. Next, take the ribbon and, using the tacs, fasten the ribbon to the board. You can see from the pictures that I made one giant X from corner to corner and one diamond shape with the ribbon. This creates the criss-cross pattern. Once the ribbon is fastened you can decorate it with pictures and mementos!

Here are the boxes and ribbon board in my apartment today:

Happy Crafting! Happy Weekend!!


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