What Should We Call Me

Whether I made your workday completely unproductive on Friday or I took over your Facebook newsfeed this weekend, you know that #WhatShouldWeCallMe is worth all your (wasted) time. #WhatShouldWeCallMe is a Tumblr that was actually started back in February, but my friend (Hey Andres) recently introduced it to me.

 When I See Those People who Genuinely Love Exercising and Eating Healthy



#WhatShouldWeCallMe illustrates those feelings and situations that just can’t be explained in words.  I never thought it was possible for a series of pop-culture clips with captions to be so entertaining. Refinery29 agreed. Last Thursday, Refinery29 devoted the Daily Diversion to #WhatShouldWeCallMe, praising the blogs accuracy and its ability to entertain readers for hours.

Hanging Out at a Pool Party

Most girls:


My apologies to anyone who starts looking at #WhatShouldWeCallMe and, as a result, spends the day doing absolutely nothing productive.

What I think I look like:

What’s really going on:


3 thoughts on “What Should We Call Me

  1. ABBY! why did you have to go turning me on to a new procrastination tool!!!! i will be spending ample time studying this website now.

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