My (abbreviated) Fitness Bucket List

I can’t operate without a to-do list, so it is only natural that I have a bucket list pages long that is divided into categories. One of those categories is obviously fitness. I will not bore you to death with my entire fitness bucket list, but I will share some highlights. By publishing them I am assuring that I will cross them off my list…

Checked Off:

  1. Try Yoga: I tried Vinyasa. I see the appeal, but I concluded that yoga is just not for me. I am more of the “my heart is beating out of my chest, and I look like I just showered I am so sweaty” type. I would, however, consider going to another yoga class, because I eventually want to try antigravity yoga.
  2. Try Boxing: I wanted a real boxing experience, not kickboxing and not a personal trainer holding some punching bags. The real thing. I went to a legitimate boxing studio. I felt sick the entire time, thought I was dying, and really did not think I was going to make it through the hour. Strangely enough I continued to go back because I loved it.
  3. Teach a Spin Class: Done and still doing it! Come take my class at Wright Fitness and Cycling in Ithaca, New York!
  4. Try Spin on a RealRyder Bike: These are the spin bikes that move side to side as you ride. Great concept but NEVER AGAIN! It was the most miserable class of my entire life. The instructor was a straight up bully. Not the motivating, high-energy type of bully. Just a wicked b****.

Fitness Classes I Need to Try:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp: Hannah Curlee, from The Biggest Loser Season 11, told me about this class back in June, and I still have not managed to get myself to a class. Now that the weather is nice again, anyone want to join me for a very early morning workout?
  2. SurfSET at Chelsea Piers: Rachel…pick a date. Lets go!
  3. Ultimate Athletics Female Fit Class: Sam promised she would do this with me. We are going the week after Spring break. Can’t wait!
  4. SoulCycle Bands: Considering the frequency of my SoulCycle visits, it is just really, really unacceptable that I haven’t managed to get myself to a bands class yet. I have no excuse…
  5. Bounce Trampoline Sports: My television guilty pleasure is Kathie Lee and Hoda’s 4th hour of the Today Show. This class has been at the top of my bucket list ever since they featured it on their show. Niki and I attempted to go in December but never actually made it there.
Long (LOOOOONGGG) Term Fitness Goals
  1. Participate in a Tough Mudder
  2. Run a marathon (I should probably start with a half…)
  3. Have a training session with Bob Harper
Fitness for a Cause
  1. Participate in Cycle for Survival
  2. Participate in the Sports Bra Challenge

Question for my readers: Does anyone know where I can find an anti-gravity treadmill other than at a physical therapy facility? I want to test one out. They make indoor running actually seem fun!


9 thoughts on “My (abbreviated) Fitness Bucket List

  1. Abby – I did not love yoga until I started hot yoga. Your body warms up in minutes it makes you much more flexible and after 20 warrior 2 poses you will feel that burn!! Love the blog xo

  2. HIIII!
    Hope you’re having so much fun in Mexico. Klion and I are putting together a team for a Tough Mudder in New Jersey either Oct 20 or 21. Let me know if you want to join our team and if you know of anyone else who would want to do it!
    Told you this a million times, but I love your blog!

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