Monogram Mania

Confession: I really, really love anything with a monogram. When I started to gather pictures for this post (huge thanks to Danielle for helping) I hesitantly told my roommates that I think I need some type of intervention. I will let you be the judge of that…

Yesterday when I picked up my new beach bag from the monogram shop for my trip to Mexico it got me thinking that my monogram fetish is really out of control. You might think that I am worried about forgetting my name or my initials.

I don’t know where our obsession started, but my sister (Hey Blake) and I both insist that anything and everything be stamped, embroidered, or embossed with our name and/or initials. Maybe it has something to do with our mom’s vanity chair and matching bath towels…

Letters on My Wall

Bath Robe

Passport Cover and Luggage Tag


Book Ends

Coffee Mug

Cosmetic Case

Pad of Paper

Photo Albums


Picture Frame

Decorative Keepsake Box

For anyone who is now trying to guess my middle name…you got it on the first try…it’s Elizabeth.

One of these iPad cases is going to be my next monogrammed purchase:

Happy Friday!


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