Viggle Viggle Viggle Viggle It

It is officially GUEST BLOGGER WEEK!!!

Every day this week, as I soak up the sun in Mexico (sorry not sorry), someone AMAZING will be covering the “daily dirt”.

Melanie, a serious social media guru, is Fun.Fit.Foodie’s first guest blogger!!


I’m honored to be guest blogging for Abby on this Media Monday—I have plenty of media in my life, especially that of the social variety. I work at Twitter. And Facebook, FourSquare, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn keep me quite connected. Sure I’ve dabbled in Google+, Reddit, and even Quora, but haven’t truly found the value yet. GetGlue and Miso are fun, but I’m not in love with any second-screen apps, so those co-viewing platforms have not truly held my attention.

Enter: Viggle.

In their words, “Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and get great rewards such as movie tickets, music, gift cards and much, much more. All just for watching the TV shows you love.” In essence, Viggle is a TV loyalty program that allows users to check-in with TV shows and earn points for watching a show. These points can be redeemed for gift cards at companies like Best Buy and Starbucks.

The app draws on a sense of the get-something-for-doing-nothing mentality, which could appeal to couch potatoes (and college students) across the U.S. The company plans to offer bonus points to fans for watching certain shows, which is a bit like buying an audience—okay, it’s exactly like buying and audience—as well as for completing surveys and playing games.

Sign. Me. Up.

Would you use Viggle?

P.S. This guest blog was just the kick in the butt I needed to get back in the game, keep up with my social media musings and more at!


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