Hungry for Hunger Games

I hope everyone enjoyed Guest Blogger Week! A very special thank you to my friend Rachel who impersonated me for the week and took over my social media identity by blogging, tweeting, pinning, and Facebooking for me!

I need to keep this blog post very short because I need to conserve my computers battery. Basically I am an idiot and left my laptop charger at home when I drove back to school yesterday. Very, very uncharacteristic of me…except I guess I kind of have a history of leaving things at home. Sophomore year I drove back without my cell phone (Dave to the rescue).

In case you live under a rock, allow me to catch you up on what happened this past weekend: HUNGER GAMES

I was in Mexico when it premiered (otherwise I would have been at the midnight showing), and my roommates and I promised we would all see it together. So I am waiting (not so patiently) for everyone to get back to school (Ariella, Danielle, Ricki, Adina, Chelsea…HURRRY UPPPPP).

But in the meantime, I am loving EVERYTHING Hunger Games on the Internet:

When someone starts to hate on The Hunger Games


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