Sneaker Obsession + Bucket List Update

Most of the time my workouts require me to wear spin shoes; however, when I do something out of the ordinary and actually go for a run or to the gym, I need sneakers. If you know me, you know I care more about my gym clothes than I do the other items in my closet. My sneakers are no exception.

Yes, I design my sneakers to coordinate with my gym clothes.

Yes, I have 3 pairs of the same sneakers (Nike Free).

and Yes, I did just order another pair…I have to wait 4 weeks for them!!!

Aren’t they all so pretty and colorful!?!?

try playing around with Nike ID. You can design as many pairs of sneakers as you want without ordering a single pair!

On a completely separate and unrelated note, here is an update on my Fitness Bucket List:

Remember the Sports Bra Challenge. I sure hope so, because it is one of the only topics that has had multiple shout outs on Fun.Fit.Foodie: Here and Here and Here

The Sports Bra Challenge was on my Fitness Bucket List under Fitness for a Cause, and I officially decided to participate. It took some maneuvering of some final exams and some overly friendly emails to my (not so friendly) professors but it’s happening! This nationwide event encourages people to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their skin by doing something out of their comfort zone. On May 17th I am embracing who I am today and how I got here by participating in a spin class outside in Union Square in NYC wearing a sports bra.

The Sports Bra Challenge supports the S.E.A.K Foundation and City of Hope’s Positive Image Center. Through events like the Sports Bra Challenge, S.E.A.K is raising money to help people nationwide conquer their insecurities and find their confidence, strength, health, and happiness.

Support the S.E.A.K Foundation’s Sports Bra Challenge: Raise to Ride


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