Mission (Im)Possible: Freestyle Machine

Atlanta, Georgia is home to some very fabulous things: the funniest and most entertaining Real Housewives, the Coca-Cola Company, and one of the largest airports.

Have you figured out where this is going yet? On my way to Mexico, my layover in Atlanta was a mere 60 minutes…just enough time to find my gate and do a quick search for NeNe Leakes (no luck). BUT on my way home to New York I had the pleasure of spending 3 hours in the Atlanta airport. Let me preface this by saying I HATE AIRPORTS almost as much as I HATE WAITING. 3 hours in an airport is a recipe for disaster!

After spending a good 30 minutes on the tram with Ariella (Atlanta airport is all about the trams) and dining away at One Flew South, I forced my friends to accompany me on an adventure. I was not spending 3 hours in the airport without finding the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that I blogged about here. Everyone (Danielle, Ariella, Niki, Ricki, Adina) was on board with this plan. Thanks to Adina (and her iPhone) we hopped back on the tram (more tram riding, duh) to gate A11 where Chick-fil-A, Burger King, and Cinnabon all promised to have a Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine.

The crowds of people and lines surrounding the machine did not afford me adequate time to experiment with the different options. However, I managed to make a cup of delicious flavored water. I combined peach, lemon, and lime Dasani.

As you can see from pictures I was very excited! The Freestyle find made my 3 hour layover totally worth every second (10, 800 seconds, to be exact) that went to waste sitting in an airport.

Special thanks to my friends for letting me drag them along on my adventure and helping me find the vending machine! I guess our trip motto (“is this blog worthy?”) wasn’t so far fetched after all 🙂 Who wants to come with me to Syracuse to try it out again…we can make a pit stop at Dinosaur BBQ…

 We love riding trams and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines!


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