Bringing Back The Oldies

It’s hard to believe that my life as I know it is rapidly coming to an end (slightly dramatic, maybe). In less than two months my world as a student ends as I enter the alternate universe referred to as the “real (working) world.”

April 1st, unfortunately not as foolish this year, was the first day of my last full month of college. As every day passes the understanding that my life as a student with winter, spring, and summer vacations is ending becomes more and more of a reality. (side note: I am being overly dramatic. I am very upset about college ending, but I am equally as excited about the next chapter of my life).

Last night, obviously in Johnny Fro’s, Rachel, Hayley, and I were reminiscing about the YouTube videos that have defined our college years. Although I could list dozens of videos, I am limiting myself to three. I struggle to watch these videos without the countless memories from the last four years flooding back.


April 2, 2012, 8:36pm Update: I lied about 3 videos. I could not resist adding this one (thanks for the reminder Adina)


On a separate note, and one that you will hear more about as the week progresses, Wednesday, April 4th is a national holiday that, in my personal opinion, has failed to capture enough attention: TITANIC 3D!!!! I can confidently say that the only person more excited about the rerelease of this epic film is my oldest sister, Blake. Blake had a Titanic themed birthday party complete with a Titanic replica with her face on Rose’s body. Recently, we went with Hayley to the Titanic exhibit in Times Square. So, in conclusion, we LOVE Titanic.

I am being a good sister and waiting until I am home over the weekend to see the movie with Blake, but I can guarantee that I will be seeing Titanic 3D multiple times.  I will give a fabulous review later in the week! Stay tuned!


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