Show and Tell: Gym Bag

Workout Wednesday meets Thingamajig Thursday!

Because I failed to post yesterday for Workout Wednesday, I am making this Thingamajig Thursday workout related! Here are most of the items that you will commonly find in my gym bag. Obviously this is not all in there at once, and most often a hair iron (straightening or curling) makes its way into my bag as well (no, I do not have wash-and-wear hair!). In addition to these items there is usually a face towel and a change of clothes.

My Gym Bag (thanks Rachel): Lululemon’s Bon Voyage Duffel 

Footwear: Nike Free Sneakers + Shimano Spin Shoes 

The red cleats pictured are Look Delta clips, but I have SPD cleats on my shoes now for the bikes at school

Workout Clothes

I always wear Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop Leggings. They are the perfect weight, fit, and length. The pocket is just big enough for my apartment key and some cash for when I go out on a run.

On the top I typically wear either a Lululemon Power Y Tank or Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank

In addition to a tank top, I usually wear a long sleeve shirt. The one pictured is a SoulCycle Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve. GapFit makes a similar shirt that I also love! They are lightweight with mesh panels and thumb holes.

My sports bra is often a Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV or a Champion Racer Back Compression Bra

My socks are always ankle socks

Hair Accessories: Lululemon Slipless Headband + SoulCycle Bandana  

Music: iPod Nano with Nike+

Above is the summary output from my Nike+ and the playlist I was listening to during that run

Reading: iPad for books and magazines

To make one of these cases check out this blog post

I just read Kristin Hannah’s Night Road. It is a MUST READ!

Water: Sigg Bottle + Smart Water + Metromint Water (my favorite!)

Post-Gym Snacks: Kind Bars + Gnu Bars + Freeze-Dried Fruit + Pistachios

Cosmetics: Face Wash + Deodorant + Face Moisturizer + Hair Brush, Hair Bands, Chap Stick


Functionality trumps aesthetics. Makes getting ready very easy!

Hope you enjoyed my show-and-tell and gained some insight into my workout necessities!


3 thoughts on “Show and Tell: Gym Bag

  1. I need pants with a pocket to fit my keys for when I run! Everybody’s loving Lululemon huh? And you ran for over an hour at a 9’30’ mile?! I’m def not up to that yet…. damn. Just inspired me to go for a run when I was considering skipping today.

    • When I started running I couldn’t even run to the end of my road! Whenever there is good weather in Ithaca I try to go for a run (the other day was a long run, I got distracted). Also, gap used to make leggings with a pocket that i LOVED, and they stopped making them. Lululemon ones are my favorite!!

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