Working Out to Graduate

So Cornell has an infinite number of requirements to graduate, but the physical education classes and swim test are at the top of the list of pointless graduation requirements (other pointless requirements include the humanities, science, and social science distributives, no offense to a liberal arts education).

So about the P.E. classes and swim test. Every freshman is encouraged to take the swim test day 1 to avoid being that senior who shows up to graduation fresh from the Teagle swimming pool, but no one really warns anyone about the P.E. classes. So now just a mere 47 days shy of graduating, it is not surprising that several of my friends have one thing standing in the way of a college degree: a simple P.E. class. So today’s Workout Wednesday is for my friends who need to spend the next 47 days on the Cornell golf course, on the squash courts, in the Helen Newman bowling alley, or sailing on Cayuga Lake. Friends: this is your motivation…

Tips for Success

1. Make a friend commit to the class with you. There are many of you who haven’t completed the PE requirement so do it together. Trust me, doing anything with a friend automatically makes it better…that’s how I found spinning and how Hayley found tennis (sorry not sorry. I just wanted to include this picture)

2. Stay consistent. Find a class that you can make a constant in your week. Unfortunately, this isn’t really optional for your PE requirement because you are running out of time. But really, find that one class/week or time of day that you consistently workout. It will become a habit and something you look forward to!

3. Find a workout that you love. This might require you to try something new and step out of your comfort zone initially, but if you don’t try new things you wont ever know what’s out there. Once you find an exercise you enjoy, working out wont be a chore or hassle. Speaking of trying something new…today Sam, Amanda, and I are crossing something else off my Fitness Bucket List: Ultimate Fitness Female Fit. SO EXCITED!

4. Set a goal. Your goal can be in the long term or short term, but always have something you are working towards. For my friends who need to complete a PE class, your goal should probably include graduating 🙂

5. Be a cheese-ball and find a mantra that pushes and motivates you. Find a quote or a personal story that drives you to challenge yourself and finish what you started. I love a cheesy or funny mantra. Below are a few but find more here.

6. Reward yourself with something practical. When you reach your goal have something in mind to reward yourself with, but your prize should be relevant. Think new workout outfit or workout gadget. I got myself a Nike+ after I ran my first 5K!

Are you feeling super motivated? Are you thinking of your next goal or opportunity to challenge yourself? The Sports Bra Challenge registration is coming up on Monday…are you ready to try something out of your comfort zone?! I’ll fulfill your #1 tip from above…


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