Follow-Up: Ombre Manicure

Remember last week when I said I wanted my nails to look like the manicures I had been finding on Pinterest, but I didn’t have the artistic talent to do it myself, or the nerve to ask someone in a nail salon to decorate my nails in such a bizarre or intricate way…

Well yesterday I went to the nail salon in Ithaca and instead of getting just one color, I got 5…purple ombre nails! Sarah over at Miracle Nails definitely thinks I am a high maintenance color-loving freak, but I am totally okay with her thinking whatever she wants about me.

This is all thanks to Jamie joining Pinterest on Tuesday. I just couldn’t stop looking at her different pinned manicures. I was so excited to try out this purple ombre style that I went first thing Thursday morning. I didn’t even wait until after I gave my tour on Thursday afternoon…whoops not so professional! Ali was lucky enough to be at the nail salon during my manicure. She was obviously laughing at me.

From the giant wall of colors, I picked 5 different shades of purple. If I do purple again, I will probably pick a different color for my thumb.

I use Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener as my bottom coat. It makes my nails strong and keeps my polish from chipping.

Here is a breakdown of the colors:

Thumb: OPI Sapphire in the Snow

Pointer: OPI Funkey Dunkey

Middle: OPI A Grape Fit

Ring: Essie Splash of Grenadine

Pinky: Essie Lilacism

My manicure reminds me of the purple ombre cake I baked back in November. I think i want to make that again by the way.

In conclusion: I absolutely love my nails, but in addition to never having a career in hand modeling, I need to learn to do my own nails ASAP in order to limit the mortification factor in the nail salon. AND next time I want to try ombre with shades of blue and adding in different textures (maybe a blue glitter nail).

p.s. I made fun of my sister for getting her toe nails and finger nails matching colors. I told her it was a “mom move”. Brittany gave me a Cosmo article yesterday with “kick-ass color combos”. Here is some color combo advice from Cosmo:

Opposites Attract: L’oreal I Will with OPI Black Onyx

Golden State: Sally Hansen Lightening with Essie Cosmo’s PSS Shimmer

Sorbet Sundae: RGB Dew with Chanel June

Party Perfect: Dior Plaza with Nails Inc. Baker

Happy Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Follow-Up: Ombre Manicure

  1. Obviously obsessed! I can’t wait to try for myself! Another combo that looks very cool- a “french” mani with black matte and the tips are black glossy.

  2. My little is such an inspiration!!!! Also, fyi: In SAfrica, they use MAGNETS on gel manicures to make all sorts of cool designs (like stripes, ombre etc.) Research it immediately, it’s cool.

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