Workout Wrap Up

I have blogged about a few things that I have failed to keep you updated on. This Workout Wednesday will serve as a wrap up of several blog topics.

1. My New Sneakers: They came yesterday! I had forgotten what they looked like, considering I designed and ordered them 4 weeks ago. I am obviously obsessed! I am starting to think I need to try out a new style…

2. Cornell Physical Education Requirement: My friends successfully completed their P.E. class this past weekend. As long as we pass all our classes, and pay all outstanding Cornell parking tickets, everyone is officially graduating!

3. Ultimate Athletics: I went to the Female Fit class with Sam and Amanda last Wednesday. The class did not fall under my mandatory fitness class categorization of “I am sweating so much that I look like I just showered,” but it was definitely a workout that got my heart rate up and my muscles working. I assume by now you have figured out that I usually stick to cardio equipment at the gym, running, and spinning. The Ultimate Athletics class forced me to work muscle groups that I usually ignore. We did more lunges and squats that I have done in my 21 years of life combined. We used giant tires, heavy bar and bell weights, as well as our own body weight to work different leg, abs, and arm muscles. I was beyond sore the following day. However, with my new found appreciation for boot camp classes, I headed to a boot camp class on Thursday at the studio where I teach spin. This time I dragged Brittany and Hayley. We had a lot of laughs in between all the drills. Hayley and I are still talking about the squats we had to do with a dodge ball between our knees. I think yesterday was the first day I woke up not in pain. My love for cardio equipment made me look forward to the 3-minute sprints on the treadmill (that’s not normal). Hayley and I are heading back to boot camp class tomorrow, and this time we are bringing Rachel with us!

Now that I have crossed some items off my to do list I need to add a few more.

  1. On Friday I am teaching my first spin class with a themed playlist. My riders came to a consensus on a “One Hit Wonders” theme. I cannot wait to make that playlist! I promised them songs from multiple decades, even though I am partial to 90’s music.
  2. Also, now that the weather is nice, I am forcing myself to sign up for my first official running race. Although I have run 5K and 10K before I have never actually participated in an official race. Hayley expressed an interest in becoming more of a “runner” so I am challenging her to sign up for a race with me. We can start with a 5K. We can use this training plan from Fitness Magazine! Hayley, are you in?! Should we start after our law exam today??

I am starting something new for Workout Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I am going to have a weekly fitness mantra. Here is this weeks:


4 thoughts on “Workout Wrap Up

  1. Really loved today’s blog post. Do you REALLY have that many pairs of sneakers. Little did I know. Love the mantra!!!

    • I guess a downside to writing a blog is that I can’t keep any purchases a secret HAHA! New sneakers every 3-4 Months. Got my first pair of Nike Free Runs in May. Im right on schedule…

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