Must-Haves: Kitchen Edition

Things I love: gadgets and cooking. Combine them, and I am in heaven!

So kitchen gadgets are really my ultimate obsession. When I was in high school I worked at my local Williams-Sonoma store. I’m almost positive that I bought every gadget, kitchen appliance, cookbook, and cooks tool that the store sold. I used to make Rachel guess the purpose of each of my cooking tools (sorry for that). I’m talking tools like a strawberry huller, cherry pitter, olive pitter, pineapple corer, and ice cream sandwich maker.  My all time favorite kitchen tool is the garlic roller. My favorite kitchen appliance is 110% my SodaStream seltzer and soda maker.

Here are some cooking related “thingamajigs” that I have recently stumbled upon. One of these will be my next (stupid) kitchen purchase.

Cake-Sicle Pan

The Chork

Crustache Crust Cutter

Water Bottle with Storage Compartment


Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor
(just like my favorite FroYo place, The Soft Serve Fruit Co.)

S’mores Maker

Pizza Scissors and Spatula

Bow Chip Clips

Mocubo Cutting Board

Other than your hands, what is your favorite tool in the kitchen?


5 thoughts on “Must-Haves: Kitchen Edition

  1. Love the chopping board with the compartments, but all of the gadgets are GREAT!!! Where did you come across all this kitchen “Stuff”

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