Family Line Baking

In the last couple of weeks I have come to realize that everything I do is prefaced with  “this is the last time _____”. One of my favorite activities every semester is baking with my family line for our sorority bakesale. We have two bakesales every year: the first is Trick or TrΣΔΤ during Halloween weekend, and the second is ΣΔΤ All Day on April 20th. Last Thursday my family line got together one last time and baked up a storm. I forced us to choose recipes from my baking to do list. As usual, our baked goods were among the first to sell out…I am VERY VERY PROUD!!!

We are not the type of family to just bake a batch of cookies or brownies (however, we do always make a batch of cookie-brownies just for fun). We like to get creative to ensure that we have the best time (and the best goodies). No baking playdate is complete without the rest of us yelling at Sofie and Carly for ruining everything they touch (my nickname “Kitchen Bitch” is 100% justifiable). We have made cupcake cones, tie-dye brownies, candy corn rice krispies, candy corn chocolate strawberries, rice krispie treats, and tombstone brownies.

This past Thursday we made the peanut-butter pretzel bars and the garbage brownies. Both were absolutely delicious! I enjoyed the peanut-butter pretzel bars more because I love the combination of sweet with salty, and I’m not a HUGE chocolate dessert lover. To make the garbage brownies super simple, we used store-bought cookie dough and fudge brownie mix. To make things more delicious we substituted regular Oreos for double-stuffed. Super yummy and super easy! I can’t wait to try more recipes on my dessert to do list!

Steph, Sofie, and Marissa: you three were missed! Can’t wait for Sofie and Marissa to get back from abroad…baking date in NYC please!?

Bake Up. Eat Up.


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