My Chachkies

Okay so let me start by saying I wasn’t so sure that chachkies was a universally known, used, or understood term. I figured it was safe to assume that chachkies is just another one of those yiddush words that my family uses more often than normal. Because that is most likely the case, I am providing you with a definition:

“Chachkies is the Yiddish word for trinkets and collectables that you would find in an old lady’s house”

Well thank you Urban Dictionary for characterizing me as an old lady. But seriously in the last 4 years I have accumulated a lot of “trinkets” and decorative accessories that I am convinced make my room look more like a bedroom from a Horchow catalog. I started to realize this when I, unfortunately, had to brainstorm for the dreaded move out day (I did reserve a U-Haul truck that I later decided to cancel). I really do love every decorative accent in my room and I plan to keep using the stuff when I eventually move into an apartment. I am sharing some of my favorites with you today:

Side note: these are in addition to the storage boxes I made, and the excess of monogram items also in my room.

Ribbon Mirrors

Glass Storage Jars


Molton Brown Candle
I can’t find this scent anymore. I am burning the one i have slowly…Its been a year

Anthousa White Gardenia Diffuser

Coat Rack


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