Ithaca Farmers Market

Happy May!!

The best thing about Ithaca in May is that the Farmers Market is open Saturdays AND Sundays (okay and maybe also the weather changes a bit). The Ithaca Farmers Market is very different from other farmers markets…although there are plenty of produce stands, the market has tons and tons of prepared food that is absolutely delicious. Year after year between August-November and April-May, I make a point to spend my weekend mornings browsing and eating my way through the Ithaca Farmers Market.

My favorite stands are Macro Mamas, Silver Spoon, and Solaz.

Macro Mamas

Macro Mamas is run by a group of women. They consistently prepare amazingly delicious food using in season, fresh, and local foods. The corn fritters and peanut lime noodles are delicious as well as the many baked goods; however, my favorite is the sampler platter. This past weekend the sampler platter included field greens with lemon poppy seed dressing, peanut lime noodles, pressed cabbage with chives and parsley, kale with sweet onions sherry vinegar and walnuts, baked cauliflower with remoulade and herbed bread crumbs, nishimi rutabaga carrot parsnip and purple onion, asparagus with licorice radish dressing, and polenta with herbs de provence. ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC!!!

Silver Spoon

Robert is the chef in my sorority house, which makes me love visiting his stand every time I am at the farmers market. I am especially fond of Roberts’s vegetarian soups, but his granola, ice cream, and mac and cheese are also to die for!  I recently tried is white bean and cabbage soup…SO GOOD!


Solaz is the burrito stand at the market. Their specialty is the breakfast burrito with cheese, eggs, beans, and salsa. There is also a special burrito that includes home fries, sausage, and cream cheese. I unfortunately have not tried the special burrito because I have a slight (or extreme) fear of cream cheese. There are also chicken burrito and vegetable burrito options. I have tried many many times to replicate the breakfast burrito and have failed many many times. It is absolutely irresistible.

I am going to miss the farmers market when I graduate, but I am happy to have taken full advantage of it over the last 4 years. If anyone reading this has not had the chance to go yet, I will be more than happy to entertain you on the necessary eating tour!


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