I Never Left High School

Over the next month my “daily scoop” will take many detours from the typical topics in order to capture the moments from my last month of school. Sorry….no Workout Wednesday today.

As I get ready to graduate from college I am continuously reminded of moments and experiences from my last four years. Whether those memories are social or academic affiliated, one thing I can say is that I never actually left high school. Four years ago I graduated from Rye Country Day and simply enrolled in a new high school…Statler High…also referred to as Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. But really the high school allusions never cease to amaze me. Last night was HOTELIE PROM.

Six years ago, during the dreadful college touring process, I visited Cornell. During my Hotel School tour, my tour guide told me all about Hotelie Prom…last night I finally attended this coveted event. I have to say, and I am pretty sure everyone in attendance would concur, that it was one of the most outrageously entertaining nights at Cornell. The alcohol flowed, the music played, and our professors were in attendance. As the superlatives were announced, pictures taken, and dance floor craziness ensued, we all reminisced.

Many of my best friends at Cornell are my Hotelie classmates. The Hotelie Crew (aka the distracting back row fillers) reunited last night. Many of these friends I met orientation week four years ago, but many I befriended during a 3 week Hotel School summer program in high school (I should have realized then what 4 years of group projects would be like).

Last night was a reminder that I have not only created life-long friendships in Statler Hall, but I have also found my Hotel family. To the Class of 2012 Hotelies…WE DID IT…no more prelims, no more course evaluations, no more group projects! CONGRATS!


7 thoughts on “I Never Left High School

    • I’m crying too !!!! Abby you are amazing…I knew that as I was strapping you in the car seat going to Ridge Street when you were 2 years old….you were headed toward greatness !!!! and you have arrived :). Soooo proud of you.

      • Thank you Shelley! You are so sweet! Did my mom tell you what she got herself into…she signed up for the Sports Bra Challenge with me!!!!

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