A Piggy Bank For Me

Okay the last time I had an actual piggy bank was ummm probably never…

But when I found this I decided a piggy bank might be necessary. What genius created this?! I am only half-kidding by the way…

I probably should have had a piggy bank like this (or system in place like this) a long time ago, but now that I am ditching my life as a full-time student and attempting to embrace the life of full-time employment, I think this piggy is a completely acceptable purchase to make from the “spend” compartment.

Save: I started this new thing where I don’t spend $5 bills. When a $5 bill lands in my wallet I put it away. I would use the “save” compartment for all $5 bills. Maybe ill add nickels to that too!

Spend: Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t really have a problem in this area…sorry not sorry. I guess I would tell myself that this is the last compartment that gets any funding…

Donate: I absolutely love that “donate” is one of the compartments. ONE WEEK from today is the SEAK Foundations SPORTS BRA CHALLENGE. Although the money I am donating did not come from this piggy bank, I am donating over $5,500 through my fundraiser! And BIG NEWS Fun.Fit.Foodie readers: YESTERDAY, MY MOM SIGNED UP FOR THE CHALLENGE TOO!!

Invest: of course… and with this piggy bank I would have the designated money ready to invest!

I know I am being silly, but I actually think this piggy bank is a great idea.

On a more legitimate note…I mentioned it above, but the Sports Bra Challenge is in exactly ONE WEEK. The all day event, packed full of fitness classes, nutrition consultations, and surprise performances, is taking place outdoors in Union Square in NYC. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and attend one of the many activities on May 17th. You can register at www.seakfoundation.com. If you can’t make it on May 17th but still want to support the SEAK Foundation and City of Hope, my fundraiser is still happening! Thank you to everyone who helped me exceed my fundraising goal…you are all INCREDIBLE!!


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