Neon Cake

Last Thursday was my best friends birthday so I obviously had to bake something exciting. I scrolled through my Pinterest, but I ultimately settled with making an absurdly large and ridiculously bright birthday cake. Side note: I also made a batch of pretzel and nutella brownies because you can’t just take a slice out of a cake to try it, and I knew if I baked everyone would want to snack on something sweet.

My college kitchen was not outfitted with the baking tools to make anything elaborate so I managed to make this cake very simple. I used boxed cake mixes (2 boxes of white vanilla cake mix), vanilla frosting (3 containers), neon food coloring, and lots of candy.  Here are some pictures of the cake! Thanks to Brittany and Adina for helping me and a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAYLEY!!


One thought on “Neon Cake

  1. Hi Abby,
    It tasted amazing. It was beautiful . My birthday is in October! (kidding). It is amazing that with all you had going on you found the time to be so creative. My girl is lucky to have you!

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