Save Your Fingers (Forks/Spoons)

Heres the thing with Camp Pinecliffe: There are many many common bonds and memories between the different generations of campers, be it the songs, the Mainbunk, the endurance test…but the strongest traditions probably revolve around the food. Turkey dinner, pizza night with soda cap bracelets, Brookside, the Gazebo, lobster, cookouts, sugar and butter, peanut butter, corn night, milk and cookies…I mean really the list goes on and on and on.

Honestly, it’s probably a miracle that my parents sent my sisters and I away and each summer when we came back our clothes were even baggier on us than when we left. (I guess as active 8 year olds anything is possible. We have Landsports and Crystal Lake to thank for that).

This weekend was obviously no different.  We packed the car on Friday and made sure that the NY Trash was conveniently placed for easy access. By the way, thank you, Mom, for supplying the entire camp with enough NY Trash for 95 years!! Before we even arrived at camp, we had to stop for lobster and Brookside. Thanks to the girls at Brookside, we had the most incredible (and by the way, mayo-free) lobster roll at Ken’s Cove. I have to admit, we stopped at The Lobster Pound first, but they weren’t serving food that early in the day. The lobster roll from Ken’s was refreshing and delicious.

The logical next choice was, of course, Brookside. Although Brookside no longer has Moose Tracks or Gifford’s ice cream, I’m certain that everyone was enjoying the coffee heath bar and Maine Survivor flavors. Years later, and we were happy to hear that the Pinecliffe campers haven’t changed…we all still ask 47029347207 questions about the different flavors. AND Julie finally learned why our favorite ice cream placed is named Brookside!

Once at camp the eating obviously didn’t stop. We had turkey dinner, lobster, corn, sticky buns, milk and cookies, and of course…more Brookside. With each meal, as we recounted our many Pinecliffe memories, the laughing never stopped. These meals and the associated Pinecliffe traditions confirm that food brings people together (maybe not in these excess amounts…). You might not be able to make artwork with your corn cobs, or feast on Angelo’s cookies in Mainbunk as you watch every single Camp Pinecliffe video…but if you do ever find yourself in or around 04040 make sure to make your way to Ken’s and Brookside. And in the meantime, enjoy good food with the people you love!


2 thoughts on “Save Your Fingers (Forks/Spoons)

  1. Amazing…. brings back so many wonderful memories! such a strange thing to try and explain to outsiders! Thanks for the update Abby! More photos please!

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