Looking Back: Internet

Okay. SO It’s been a while since I last blogged. I have to admit, I started to convince myself that I was done with Fun.Fit.Foodie…I claimed that I didn’t have time and I ran out of things to write about…ALL LIES. The truth is I really miss writing my “daily dish”, and I need to start making the time to blog because my sticky note list of blog post ideas just keeps getting longer.

I have many many New Years Resolutions, but one of them is to keep up with my blog writing and hopefully write at least one or two posts per week 🙂 🙂

For Media Monday I am sharing this video. I saw it last week and I just find it so astonishing…we quickly forget how fast technology evolves. It looks like we have come a LONG LONG way in the last 18 years…you think Katie and Bryant could have predicted our (more than acceptable) use of @ and # today?

what is the internet anyway


Happy New Year! So much more to come on Fun.Fit.Foodie in 2013!


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