All My Bags Are Packed and I’m (not) Ready to Go

Okay…lies: no bags are packed

I am leaving tomorrow and I am supposed to have my room mostly packed up (minus a few essentials that I will need during Senior Week). This is what my room looks like right now. I think have a busy day ahead. UGHHH

p.s. Hayley and I slaved away making that dresser two summers ago (same time we made those DIY storage boxes!)


Playlist: One Hit Wonders

I’m posting late today because my internet wasn’t working this morning.

Last week my Friday spin students decided they wanted a “One Hit Wonders” themed class. Here is the playlist from the class. Enjoy! Happy weekend!

Follow-Up: Ombre Manicure

Remember last week when I said I wanted my nails to look like the manicures I had been finding on Pinterest, but I didn’t have the artistic talent to do it myself, or the nerve to ask someone in a nail salon to decorate my nails in such a bizarre or intricate way…

Well yesterday I went to the nail salon in Ithaca and instead of getting just one color, I got 5…purple ombre nails! Sarah over at Miracle Nails definitely thinks I am a high maintenance color-loving freak, but I am totally okay with her thinking whatever she wants about me.

This is all thanks to Jamie joining Pinterest on Tuesday. I just couldn’t stop looking at her different pinned manicures. I was so excited to try out this purple ombre style that I went first thing Thursday morning. I didn’t even wait until after I gave my tour on Thursday afternoon…whoops not so professional! Ali was lucky enough to be at the nail salon during my manicure. She was obviously laughing at me.

From the giant wall of colors, I picked 5 different shades of purple. If I do purple again, I will probably pick a different color for my thumb.

I use Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener as my bottom coat. It makes my nails strong and keeps my polish from chipping.

Here is a breakdown of the colors:

Thumb: OPI Sapphire in the Snow

Pointer: OPI Funkey Dunkey

Middle: OPI A Grape Fit

Ring: Essie Splash of Grenadine

Pinky: Essie Lilacism

My manicure reminds me of the purple ombre cake I baked back in November. I think i want to make that again by the way.

In conclusion: I absolutely love my nails, but in addition to never having a career in hand modeling, I need to learn to do my own nails ASAP in order to limit the mortification factor in the nail salon. AND next time I want to try ombre with shades of blue and adding in different textures (maybe a blue glitter nail).

p.s. I made fun of my sister for getting her toe nails and finger nails matching colors. I told her it was a “mom move”. Brittany gave me a Cosmo article yesterday with “kick-ass color combos”. Here is some color combo advice from Cosmo:

Opposites Attract: L’oreal I Will with OPI Black Onyx

Golden State: Sally Hansen Lightening with Essie Cosmo’s PSS Shimmer

Sorbet Sundae: RGB Dew with Chanel June

Party Perfect: Dior Plaza with Nails Inc. Baker

Happy Happy Friday!

The Art of Manicures

Hey from the Cornell Campus-to-Campus Bus (Lerman, wake up! I’m bored). Just saying, our bus driver is way too perky for 5am, and the bus is colder than it ever got in Ithaca this entire winter.

Onto today’s hot topic: Manicures.

I am really not a New Year’s resolution type of girl. I hate not following through on something so I typically just avoid making resolutions. However, two years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to stop biting my nails. It was a bad habit that I wanted needed to kick. Good news is that I successfully stopped! Bad news is that I keep pinning cool manicures on Pinterest that I am not coordinated or talented enough to do myself. Take a look at my favorites!


Johnny O’s is now Johnny Fro’s

There is no doubt in my mind that frozen yogurt is its own food group. It is a food group that can be consumed acceptably for a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Some frozen yogurt advice: you need a best friend that is lactose intolerant. Mine is Hayley. I always bring Hayley with me because she helps me sample every flavor. She gets samples and gives them to me. The perfect best friend 🙂

Hayley can attest for my FroYo addiction. She is embarrassed to get frozen yogurt with me because I interrogate the employees about the different flavors and toppings. At Tasti I insist that they weigh my cup to guarantee an accurate Weight Watchers point value calculation (as if .01oz is going to make my pants too tight the next day). I refuse to get flavors swirled, but instead, I like for them to be side by side. The flavors blend too much when they are swirled (duh).  I can’t help that I am particularly quirky with my frozen yogurt.

FYI. I am on a mission to try every Tasti flavor. I was well on my way, but then Tasti closed in Ithaca, and my food challenge was put on hold. My Tasti exploration will resume when I return to NYC in June.

Ever since Tasti closed, Ithaca has been lacking in the FroYo department. Thankfully Yogurt Crazy, aka (and the more popular name) Johnny Fro’s, opened on Wednesday in Collegetown. RIP Johnny O’s but don’t worry, I predict that Johnny Fro’s is still a goldmine for guys to pick up girls (just no longer the sweaty dumpy bar setting that Johnny O’s provided).

Here is my (overly opinionated) review of Yogurt Crazy. Given the fact that I went 4 separate times on opening day alone, I (think it’s about time I become mayor on Four Square) noticed a lot.  Compared to Jason’s frozen yogurt, Yogurt Crazy is flawless (everything is relative). I love that Yogurt Crazy has 10 different flavors (confused as to why two are vanilla varieties), but I am hoping that the flavors change frequently. The red velvet and cookies and cream are the best, hands down. There need to be more low-fat and non-fat flavors available daily. Yogurt Crazy: I want to try the pistachio flavor that is listed on the Yogurt Crazy website.

The smell coming from the freshly baked cookies and/or waffle cones is overwhelmingly amazing! The employees are all so friendly and efficient. On opening day there was an employee stationed by the machines to offer samples of the different flavors. Yesterday when I inquired about the lack of mochi (flaw, but I understand I probably am responsible for consuming every single mochi in Ithaca on opening day) the employee cutting the fruit apologized and promised mochi would be back. The employee who was checking me out on Thursday offered me a loyalty card. I mentioned to her that I was not offered one on Wednesday, expecting an extra stamp considering my higher than average number of visits. No such luck, but I am confident in my abilities to fill my loyalty card. Quick note on the loyalty cards: its buy 9 cups and get $3 off the 10th. Most frozen yogurt stores take the approach of the 10th cup being free, but Yogurt Crazy prices aren’t costing me an arm and leg like similar stores (cough cough 16 Handles).

On opening day I commented on the lack of garbage cans in the store. I noticed that a second garbage was brought in on Thursday. Small change…big difference!

The topping selections are superb! Candy rocks, peanut brittle, graham cracker crumb (my favorite), and carob chips (second favorite) are some of the great options. Some suggestions from my roommates: rainbow cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, cheesecake bites, and brownie bites.

Overall I could not be more excited about Johnny Fro’s. If Johnny O’s had to go, I am happy to see a frozen yogurt store in its place. Although the store has a Barney color scheme, I am happy to see that no filth from Johnny O’s was left behind.

I can confidently say that a day will not go by between now and graduation without a purchase at Yogurt Crazy! See ya there in a few hours, Alison!

Special thanks to Brittany for accompanying me on my many trips and taking pictures for me with her phone!

candy is available for sale by the pound

Yogurt Crazy Website

Yogurt Crazy on Facebook

80’s Fashion: Then and Now

Fun.Fit.Foodie’s final blogger for Guest Blogger Week is Courtney! Courtney’s many talents and interests make her perfect for Free For All Friday’s. Check out Courtney’s 80’s Fashion Recap!


When you think of the 80’s Lets Get Physical, by Olivia Newton John in a workout leotard, or Madonna singing Like a Virgin might be running through your head.

As a child born in the 80’s (okay the late 80’s, but hey it still counts!),  I can remember and can appreciate this era, from the big hoop earrings, the bright neon colors, jean jackets, BLUE eye shadow, crimped hair (I still own a crimper…from the 80’s) leggings, BIG hair, slap bracelets (one of my personal favorites) shoulder pads (Linda Evans,  Dynasty), and let’s not forget about the leg warmers! Oh and for those of us old enough at the time…the wine coolers. C’mon who doesn’t remember seeing their mothers sipping on one of those at a backyard BBQ!

As every fashion trend comes and goes many have made their way back into our closets, whether we like it or not! The 80’s is no exception. 80’s fashion is trying to squeeze its way back into our wardrobe with a modern twist, of course. The biggest comeback thus far has been leggings and jeggings (jean leggings), and, from what I can tell, leggings have been welcomed back with open arms (and legs)!

Now just because these bright colors have made a comeback this season, doesn’t mean they will be around for long. So you may be asking yourself how you can get these modern 80’s fashion trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank?  From my own personal shopping experiences and research I have found ways to incorporate these bright bold colors into my wardrobe at a fraction of the cost:

The Jason Wu for Target Collection: Prices Range from $19.99 – $59.99 for clothes and $19.99 -$49.99 for Accessories:

This black pleated skirt and Yellow pleated blouse both by Jason Wu are a must for any working girl

Old Navy Colored Jeggings starting at $19.00 

Bright colored jeggings are a must have this season…and worn by many celebrities (I actually own this exact pair)

Colored Blazers from H&M starting at $49.95 

Blazers have made an amazing comeback. Don’t let the bright bold colors scare you!

Pink Skirt from H&M $29.95 

The navy blazer with pink skirt is one of my favorite color combos!

Ruffled Georgette Top from Forever21 $17.80

This red ruffled top would go great with a pair of black skinny jeans or jeggings

No.2 Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton J.Crew $110.00

J.Crew might be a little pricy for some, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this outfit with you. I mean the colors are just aaaamazing! Am I being modest? Nah

High-Waist Zig Zag Banded Skirt from Express $59.90 (Diagonal Stripe $69.90)

So if you’re feeling a little teased from the J.Crew outfit, you’re not alone; I am too. Here’s a cheaper alternative. Ps..don’t forget your express coupons!

Chunky plastic elastic bracelets from H&M $29.95 (2pack) 

These bracelets give the perfect expensive look and feel, but are much easier on your pocketbook!

Satin Pointy Toe Flats from Express $24.43

These flats come in a variety of colors and will go perfect with a pencil skirt of skinny jeans

Michael Antonio Loveme Suede Blue Pumps $49.00 

A Bold colored pump is the perfect accessory to finish off your look!

All over metal sunglasses By Unique from TOPSHOP $44.00

The perfect 80’s touch to any look

So there you have it. While it is true that some things are best left in the past from the 80’s, color is one thing that should return. Enjoy bold fresh bright colors this spring and summer. Leave winter doldrums behind, and add just a touch of 80’s colorful fun. Even if all of these fashion trends don’t make it into your closet this season, (and if they do I will be extremely jealous) just buying a few of these staple pieces allows you to mix and match with what you already have in your closet! You are now all set to have a fashion forward wardrobe this season! And don’t forget: you don’t have to break the bank just to be up-to-date on the current fashion trends.