Looking Back: Internet

Okay. SO It’s been a while since I last blogged. I have to admit, I started to convince myself that I was done with Fun.Fit.Foodie…I claimed that I didn’t have time and I ran out of things to write about…ALL LIES. The truth is I really miss writing my “daily dish”, and I need to start making the time to blog because my sticky note list of blog post ideas just keeps getting longer.

I have many many New Years Resolutions, but one of them is to keep up with my blog writing and hopefully write at least one or two posts per week 🙂 🙂

For Media Monday I am sharing this video. I saw it last week and I just find it so astonishing…we quickly forget how fast technology evolves. It looks like we have come a LONG LONG way in the last 18 years…you think Katie and Bryant could have predicted our (more than acceptable) use of @ and # today?

what is the internet anyway


Happy New Year! So much more to come on Fun.Fit.Foodie in 2013!



Fun.Fit.Foodie is back, and this week I am dedicating everyday to my favorite place in the world, Camp Pinecliffe! I spent the last three days in Harrison, Maine reminiscing and reliving the seven summers I spent in 04040. Everyone at camp quickly reverted back to their 9-year-old selves and was reminded that over the last 95 years, Pinecliffe has been the foundation for life long friendships. This weekend we celebrated by swimming in Crystal Lake (yes, even I went swimming), singing around the campfire, running on the Pinepath, and of course sitting on the Mainbunk chairs.

I could spend this Media Monday going on a rant about the fact that Facebook switched me to timeline…but, instead, im sharing these videos. THANKS SUZANNE AND HANNAH!

stay tuned for Tasty Tuesday CP style

Goodnight iPad

Shout out to Sam for finding today’s Media Monday. She sent this to me last week, and I could not resist sharing it.

Goodnight iPad is a parody of the children’s classic Goodnight Moon. From what I can tell it sounds hilarious. The author, Ann Droyd, makes fun of our “plugged-in lives”. Maybe we should all be reading this as we go to sleep instead of scrolling through emails or playing the newest iPhone app from our beds. Lets be real…our devices will still be there in the morning, waiting for us with emails, messages, an invitation to a new Draw Something game, or even the ancient bbm. If only I could ignore my technology at night, I am pretty sure it would all be charged fully when I woke up. Just a thought…


Happy Monday!!



Weekly Media Finds: What Should Cornell Call Me + Creative Family Portraits + Akinator iPhone App

Happy Monday!

For today’s Media Monday I am sharing some of my new media finds:

1. Remember What Should We Call Me? Well Cornell now has its own, and its hilarious. Check it out!

When people have no classes second semester of their senior year

When I go to New York for the weekend

2. I am always stumbling across weird and irrelevant articles on the Internet. I found this one a few days ago via Pinterest (duh). Look at the pictures. The portraits are all beyond adorable and creative!

3. I do not have an iPhone so I am not one to recommend applications or to be up-to-date on the coolest new apps, but if you haven’t played around with Akinator yet, you need to NOW. Nicole and Amanda introduced it to me on Saturday, and I have since downloaded it on the iPad and spent countless hours trying to stump the genius genie. NO SUCH LUCK. Some genius created an insane algorithm for this application. I obviously tried Mary-Kate Olsen first, but I have since tried Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, Lisa Lillien, Paul Deen, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Olivia Ward, Geri Halliwell, and many many more! Let me know who you try to stump the genie with!


Movie Monday

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I FINALLY went to see Titanic 3D with Brittany and Amanda!! It was fantastic, obviously. Although I have probably tuned in to watch Titanic over 6 dozen times, it had been a while since I actually sat down and watched the entire thing from start to finish (3 hours and 14 minutes). I noticed many more details when I watched it for the 6 dozen + 1 time than when I saw it originally in theatres at age 7. Okay, so Titanic isn’t geared towards 7 year olds…I am the youngest child, and therefore, conventional family rules didn’t always apply.

The Titanic movie, although very very long, is one of the few movies that I can watch time and time again without getting bored. My list of movies that I can watch on repeat is short: Father of the Bride Part I and Part II, Mrs. Doubtfire, Billy Madison, One Fine Day, Head Over Heels, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (feel free to judge me based on my taste in movies). Don’t get me wrong, I do love almost every movie; I just don’t have the patience to watch the same movie multiple times. (side note: my least favorite movies of all time are Ali and O Brother Where Art Thou…again feel free to judge me).

Here are some clips/trailers from my favorite movies:

At age 4 I watched Drop Dead Fred on repeat…I have yet to meet another person, other than my sisters, who have even heard of this movie.

What is your favorite movie of all time that no matter what you can always watch?

Saturday Night Live

Hello again from Cornell’s Campus-to-Campus bus, this time heading back to Ithaca.

I am not a devoted SNL fan; however, I do make sure to tune in or watch the recaps if the host is someone I find entertaining. Sofia Vergara guest-hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and she did not disappoint. The material written for her played up her sexy, spanish-accented personality.

Although I absolutley adore Andy Cohen, and I watch Bravo television endlessly, this satirical spoof  was amazing:

I am hoping that the recent success of One Direction spurs the return of boy bands. Just saying, I am not opposed to a Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync reunion tour…