A Piggy Bank For Me

Okay the last time I had an actual piggy bank was ummm probably never…

But when I found this I decided a piggy bank might be necessary. What genius created this?! I am only half-kidding by the way…

I probably should have had a piggy bank like this (or system in place like this) a long time ago, but now that I am ditching my life as a full-time student and attempting to embrace the life of full-time employment, I think this piggy is a completely acceptable purchase to make from the “spend” compartment.

Save: I started this new thing where I don’t spend $5 bills. When a $5 bill lands in my wallet I put it away. I would use the “save” compartment for all $5 bills. Maybe ill add nickels to that too!

Spend: Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t really have a problem in this area…sorry not sorry. I guess I would tell myself that this is the last compartment that gets any funding…

Donate: I absolutely love that “donate” is one of the compartments. ONE WEEK from today is the SEAK Foundations SPORTS BRA CHALLENGE. Although the money I am donating did not come from this piggy bank, I am donating over $5,500 through my fundraiser! And BIG NEWS Fun.Fit.Foodie readers: YESTERDAY, MY MOM SIGNED UP FOR THE CHALLENGE TOO!!

Invest: of course… and with this piggy bank I would have the designated money ready to invest!

I know I am being silly, but I actually think this piggy bank is a great idea.

On a more legitimate note…I mentioned it above, but the Sports Bra Challenge is in exactly ONE WEEK. The all day event, packed full of fitness classes, nutrition consultations, and surprise performances, is taking place outdoors in Union Square in NYC. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and attend one of the many activities on May 17th. You can register at www.seakfoundation.com. If you can’t make it on May 17th but still want to support the SEAK Foundation and City of Hope, my fundraiser is still happening! Thank you to everyone who helped me exceed my fundraising goal…you are all INCREDIBLE!!


I Never Left High School

Over the next month my “daily scoop” will take many detours from the typical topics in order to capture the moments from my last month of school. Sorry….no Workout Wednesday today.

As I get ready to graduate from college I am continuously reminded of moments and experiences from my last four years. Whether those memories are social or academic affiliated, one thing I can say is that I never actually left high school. Four years ago I graduated from Rye Country Day and simply enrolled in a new high school…Statler High…also referred to as Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. But really the high school allusions never cease to amaze me. Last night was HOTELIE PROM.

Six years ago, during the dreadful college touring process, I visited Cornell. During my Hotel School tour, my tour guide told me all about Hotelie Prom…last night I finally attended this coveted event. I have to say, and I am pretty sure everyone in attendance would concur, that it was one of the most outrageously entertaining nights at Cornell. The alcohol flowed, the music played, and our professors were in attendance. As the superlatives were announced, pictures taken, and dance floor craziness ensued, we all reminisced.

Many of my best friends at Cornell are my Hotelie classmates. The Hotelie Crew (aka the distracting back row fillers) reunited last night. Many of these friends I met orientation week four years ago, but many I befriended during a 3 week Hotel School summer program in high school (I should have realized then what 4 years of group projects would be like).

Last night was a reminder that I have not only created life-long friendships in Statler Hall, but I have also found my Hotel family. To the Class of 2012 Hotelies…WE DID IT…no more prelims, no more course evaluations, no more group projects! CONGRATS!

Sunday Nights Food Crawl

I am very lucky to have friends who seek out and appreciate food adventures just as much as I do. On Sunday night Rachel and I tried Ippudo in NYC. Ippudo is a Japanese ramen noodle restaurant in NYC’s East Village that has been written up several times as being the best place for Japanese style noodles in the city. Rachel is my go-to foodie for everything. We originally tried Momofuku Noodle Bar together so there was no way either one of us was going to Ippudo without the other. Rachel, being the great person she is, put our name down at Ippudo and waited over an hour for our table…I had the easy job of just showing up. We both planned ahead and were good girls and got our workout in on Sunday so we could stuff our faces in the evening (so thank you Jenny for killing me on Sunday…always love when I feel like I am going to die 30 seconds into your spin class and have the pleasure of experiencing it for an additional 45 minutes).

We couldn’t stop commenting on the restaurants atmosphere. We loved sitting at a large communal table, but even more we LOVED the food. We asked our waitress what the best and most popular dishes were, and without any hesitation ordered whatever she said (a very risky move considering I don’t eat “weird” or raw meats). The ordering was a major success. This is what we had (and I would suggest you order the same):

Yamitsuki Goma Kyuri: Japanese cucumber seasoned with Ippudo’s original sesame oil sauce

Hirata Buns (Pork): Steamed buns filled with either pork, chicken, or eggplant & eringi mushrooms served with Ippudo’s original spicy buns sauce

Miso Ramen: Soy bean paste flavored noodle in the original “Tonkotsu” (pork) based soup with pork chashu, cabbage, menma, ginger, and scallions

Akamaru Modern:
The original silky “Tonkotsu” (pork) soup noodles topped with Ippudo’s secret “Umami Dama” miso paste, pork chashu, cabage, sesame kikurage mushrooms, scallions, and fragrant garlic oil

We left feeling so full (logical) but our food adventure wasn’t over (also logical). Rachel mentioned that she had heard of a great ice cream place around the corner. That to me was an obvious next stop. With all the intentions in the world to just try a few flavors we headed one block east to Sundaes and Cones. After sampling the corn, sesame, green tea, and pistachio flavors (I told you I love sampling every flavor possible) we decided we could squish a little something sweet into our stuffed stomachs. We split a scoop of the pistachio. I mean it was the creamiest most delicious ice cream ever! I have plans to return and try more flavors in the near future with Miranda (my other foodie adventurer and connoisseur).

My fat Sunday was delicious and fun! There are many more foodie adventures ahead but between now and the Sports Bra Challenge I guess I need to keep them to a minimum 🙂

Goodnight iPad

Shout out to Sam for finding today’s Media Monday. She sent this to me last week, and I could not resist sharing it.

Goodnight iPad is a parody of the children’s classic Goodnight Moon. From what I can tell it sounds hilarious. The author, Ann Droyd, makes fun of our “plugged-in lives”. Maybe we should all be reading this as we go to sleep instead of scrolling through emails or playing the newest iPhone app from our beds. Lets be real…our devices will still be there in the morning, waiting for us with emails, messages, an invitation to a new Draw Something game, or even the ancient bbm. If only I could ignore my technology at night, I am pretty sure it would all be charged fully when I woke up. Just a thought…


Happy Monday!!



Fitness Apps

Okay, I guess I should be ashamed to admit this, but anyone reading my blog already knows this about me…my phone is glued to my hands at all times. Additionally, I am a technology nerd who always needs the newest gadgets. So it is probably shocking that I am still in the Blackberry dark-ages, but I honestly believe that going back to my iPhone would hinder my social skills.

There is always at least one time every single day when I am not using my phone: when I workout. When I am running, spinning, or completing strength training my phone is not within reach (elliptical is a different story). I have never been able to read a book or use my iPad at the gym without it affecting my workout. I had no intentions of changing this until recently when I started finding fitness applications for my iPad. I have the Nike+ to track my workouts and hadn’t really found any apps that did more than track my workout progress until I came across this article. It highlights several fitness, eating, and sleeping applications. I use the Weight Watchers application for food tracking, and I am not in the market for sleep aids; however, the fitness apps caught my attention. I have gone ahead and downloaded the following apps onto my iPad and want to try them over the next few weeks (side note: I took my last exam yesterday, and I am finishing classes today. My graduation is May 27th…I have a lot of time to experiment with these new applications)

Nike Training Club

“Nike Training Club gives you your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 85 custom-built workouts. Unlock exclusive extra workouts from celebrities like Lea Michele, professional athletes like Shawn Johnson, and Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nuñez.”


“Discover a new and exciting way to get motivated, lose weight, and stay in shape. Play with friends, earn rewards, defeat challenges, and track your progress on the largest fitness mobile interactive game of its kind.”


“C25K, is a fantastic program that’s been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.”

GymGoal Plus

“GymGoal provides images and detailed instructions for 230 resistance (strength training) exercises, plus 24 cardio exercises. 96 exercises are animated. You can add your own exercises.”

And for when I realize my iPad and I are not compatible at the gym I found these for my Blackberry:


“It lets you track your outdoor fitness activities, including walking, running, cycling, skiing, horseriding and more. it records your training sessions and provide you with visual and audio feedback of your activity. It uses the built-in GPS to provide you with feedback.”

Pushups Free/ Situps Free

“If you are serious about increasing your strength, then this application is for you. This application gives you a six week training program that will see you well on your way to reaching this heady target by investing no more than thirty minutes each week.”